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Hi and welcome to My Bella Makes. My name is Laura but many of my friends know me as Bella ( can you see what I did there? Haha)

Ever since I was at school, which is many moons ago now, I have always enjoyed needlework.

It started out making cross stitch and little bits and bobs I learnt from my late Nan along the way.

Fast forward to 2016 when a dear friend of mine, who had just started attending a sewing bee group got me interested in sewing again. It didn’t take long and I was hooked as they say!

Everything I do has been self taught. The last few years I have learnt so much and to this day and many more to come I’m sure I will keep on learning!

I started my little business ‘My Bella Makes’ at the beginning of 2018 not knowing how I would be perceived.

In my wildest dreams I would never have expected to have done so well in such a small space of time. Every day I grow a little more and every day I appreciate everything I have achieved, long may it continue!


Thank you for taking your time to stop by and visit my page.

If you are a fan or bright, colourful clothes then this is the website for you!


With Love From Bella X

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